Face Mask Buckles

What is it?

With medical professionals and caregivers now wearing face masks for hours at time, these face mask buckles are designed to help over-ear elastic face masks fit better and relieve the constant pressure on the back of the ears. So far, we've shipped over 1,000 buckles to 22 different states to help folks on the front lines be a little more comfortable during their long and exhausting days!

Who's doing this?

This endeavor is not something we have done independently. It has been a collaboration of many people and organizations who have access to 3D printers that want to help our front line medical workers.

We give our sincere thanks and gratitude to the following for helping print these buckles:

  • Chris Eckley
  • Charleston Schools GATE program
  • Taylorville School District
  • Matt Warren and 217 Print Lab
  • Matthias Hacker
  • Marie Williams Wimsett
  • William Milner
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I would like some buckles!

Please fill out this form to submit your request. Please know that we're filling orders as quickly as we can, but it might take some time to get these to you. Please know that orders will contain an assortment of buckle sizes. Because of the need and our limited capacity, we can't really support specific requests on sizes. The single hook buckle works really well for most people, but the goal is comfort, so we'll send some double and triple hook buckles as well.

I want to help print!

First, connect with us and let us know you'll help us fill requests! Then, get the file from Thingiverse. Lastly, watch for an email from us with orders we need you to fulfill. The email will either come from sogle@eiase.com or mogle@eiase.com.

Can I donate?

We are accepting donations to help cover postage and materials. If you would like to help, we are asking that you join our donation list by filling out this form. Once we are in need of funds, we'll send you a request for your donation via PayPal.

Where are they going?

We've created an interactive map to keep track of where we've sent buckles so far. Hover over a state to see how many have shipped there.