Roster tips! please read!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take some time to send you some helpful tips when it comes to filling out your roster changes through the link.

  • New students to special education will be students that have just been determined eligible for the first time
  • Move in students are moving in from another Illinois district or EIASE program
  • Current student is a student already appearing on your roster, but roster coding needs to be updated
  • Effective date will be the first day of school, UNLESS an IEP has been held after the first attendance day and information is being changed/updated
  • Always answer "yes" to district/school changes if they are not currently being reported on your roster or the current information isn't accurate
  • EIASE teachers! If the student's resident district is out of the co-op, select "other" and provide the resident district, resident school and serving location
  • Answer "yes" to the disability code question if the current disability is incorrect or needs updated
  • IMPORTANT! Related services, if there is any change to these at all, you must include all related services being reported (information will be overridden with new submission)
  • Percent inside special education/percent inside general education are both required fields. If you are reporting a student at 100% special education, put "0" in the general education field
  • Just remember: The student may not be new to you. But if they aren't already on a roster they are new to me and I must collect as much information as possible in order to add a reimbursement record.

Thanks for all you do!!

Carla Wells


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In an effort to streamline the roster process, we will only accept online submissions from this point forward. Any submissions by paper or e-mail will not be processed. You can find the form online here:

Roster Change Procedures Video

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