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The Early Childhood Program offers screening and educational services to young children and their families. The most important aspect of all Early Childhood Programs is their diagnostic and developmental approach to working with young children and their families.

Each Spring, during February, March, and April, a team of trained certified teachers conducts the early childhood screening in each of the districts of the Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education Cooperative. Vision and hearing are additional components of the developmental screening. Parents of all children, birth to age 5, are strongly urged to make an appointment and bring their children to screening locations within each school district. Individual screenings may be scheduled from August through November, and in May. Screening information may indicate that the child is doing fine, that the child may benefit from a pre-kindergarten program for children who are at risk of academic failure, or that the child needs further evaluation.


Beginning Steps
Beginning Steps, a model parental training program, provides information, support and education to parents of children from the prenatal stage to 3 years old. A variety of service delivery systems include newsletters, discussion groups, playgroups and family events.

Project H.E.L.P.
Project H.E.L.P., Helping Educate Little People, is a pre-kindergarten program for children who are at risk of academic failure. This program is designed to address the needs both of children identified as being at risk of academic failure who, without additional help may experience difficulty in the regular classroom, and their families. Eligible children have an opportunity to adjust to school and to develop needed skills before they attend kindergarten.

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