The Treatment and Learning Centers (TLC) serve students with severe behavior/emotional disorders. Self-contained classrooms are located at Humboldt, Kansas, and Effingham - Freshstart. There are also three TLC classrooms located within the Effingham school district. Students from kindergarten through high school are provided services.

Emotional and Behavioral Management

Based upon each child's individualized education program (IEP) a variety of approaches are utilized to provide the student with the opportunity to benefit from his or her education. Behavior management strategies such as a tri-level point system with rewards for appropriate behavior and loss of privileges for inappropriate behavior, individual and group counseling, social work services and individualized academics all combine to meet the TLC goal of returning the student to the regular class setting as soon as possible.

Should a students behavior present a threat to the safety of others, self, or the environment, the student may be removed to a quiet room to allow for a safe period in which he/she can regain self-control. Depending upon the aggressiveness of the student this may require physical restraint. Therefore all teachers, assistants, and support personnel are trained in safe methods for restraining a physically aggressive student.

TLC Resources

This is a link to a public Google Drive folder. It contains documents that pertain to TLC.

Humboldt TLC

Humboldt TLC

306 Adams Street, PO Box 97

Humboldt, IL 61931

David Logsdon


Phone: 217.856.2223

Fax: 217.856.2234


Kansas TLC

Kansas TLC

101 Catherine St

Kansas, IL 61933

Jane Gregory


Phone: 217.948.5751

Fax: 217.948.5752


fresh start tlc

Fresh Start TLC

215 N. First Street

Effingham, IL 62401

Gregory Petty


Phone: 217.342.6161

Fax: 217.342.6160