EIASE is a comprehensive special education cooperative serving 28 school districts in eight counties with the mission of providing a variety of specialized services to students, teachers, parents, and the community.

EIASE Vision and Adaptive PE

EIASE Vision and Adaptive PE departments attended a workshop in Urbana. The workshop was the Step by Step program presented by Paul Ponchillia, author and professor at Western Michigan University. EIASE staff attended a morning session where they learned how to provide a systematic set of commands through auditory and tactile formats to help students learn how to perform basic physical exercise. Knowledge of these simple movements will allow the students to participate in PE and sports.

In the afternoon several students from our vision program joined the workshop. The students were taught the Step by Step movements through the instruction of Mr. Ponchillia and the EIASE staff. It was a great day of learning for both students and staff!
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Adapted PE Conference

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EIASE Adapted PE staff attended the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference in St. Charles along with other physical education teachers November 17-18.

Sherri Hudson and Jen Propst are seen learning some new activities to engage students.


White Cane Day


Saturday, October 15th was White Cane Day. This is a day about the celebrating of white canes which are a symbol of people who are blind. We also learned facts about white canes and why they are important. They help people travel independently and keep them safe.  In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed White Cane Day into law. At my school, Effingham Junior High, Mrs. Adams the librarian, put Braille and books about blind people into a display in the library.  I also created posters and put them up around my school. I think White Cane Day is very interesting and important.


Written by Sidney Horn, Effingham student




2016 (sp)edCamp

Join Us for (sp)edCamp 2016 at EIASE on December 8th 

(sp)edCamp is an unconference for YOU that is guided by YOU— an organic, participant-driven professional learning experience.  

(sp)edCamp is a chance to talk to other special educators in the area, sharing ideas and issues.  It targets YOUR needs and capitalizes on the strengths of the professionals that attend. What could be better than a true learning community dedicated to special educators and the students they serve? 
For more information on the edCamp model watch:  http://tinyurl.com/eiasespedcamp
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