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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month.

Autism facts:

  • Occurrence is 1 in 68 (30% increase since 2014)
  • Males are 5 times more likely to have autism
  • Siblings have an increased risk….19%
  • No known cure
  • Early intervention enhances optimal developmental outcomes

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability; signs typically appear during early childhood and affect a person’s ability to communicate, and interact with others. ASD is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum condition” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. There is no known single cause of autism, but increased awareness and early diagnosis/intervention and access to appropriate services/supports lead to significantly improved outcomes. Some of the behaviors associated with autism include delayed learning of language; difficulty making eye contact or holding a conversation; difficulty with executive functioning, which relates to reasoning and planning; narrow, intense interests; poor motor skills’ and sensory sensitivities. Again, a person on the spectrum might follow many of these behaviors or just a few, or many others besides. The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is applied based on analysis of all behaviors and their severity . Autism is treatable. Children do not “outgrow” autism, but studies show that early diagnosis and intervention lead to significantly improved outcomes.(autism society 2018).

2018 Preschool Round UP Schedule

2018 Preschool Round Up Dates.pdf

Braille Literacy Month

January was braille literacy month. Attached is a paragraph one or our vision students wrote about why braille is important. In addition to the article our student created slides to post in the school. She made and frosted cookies to give to her teachers in celebration of braille. The M&M candies spell "Happy Birthday" in braille.

How Braille Is Important To Me by Sidney Horn, Effingham Junior High

Thanks to Louis Braille, who invented braille, blind readers have a way to read! Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809. He was a Frenchman. He became blind and later in life, he invented braille! Braille is a system of dots making up a word, letter, symbol, or number. Next, I would like to take some time to talk about how braille is important to me. Since January was braille literacy month, it is a great time for me to mention why braille is so important. I have been reading braille since I was in pre-school, and I won’t stop reading it! Braille has helped me so much, without braille, I would never be able to learn how to read. Audio books are helpful, too. I use braille almost every day. I use a machine called the braille writer and a BrailleNote Touch, which is basically like a tablet for the blind. Of course, I do not use it at home as much, but I will find that as I get older I will use it more. For example, when I go out to eat at restaurants that I have never heard of or been to, I would ask me for a braille menu and I’ll probably get one. Lastly, if I go away to college, I will probably have a computer with a braille display to read off of, too. I can read worksheets, read numbers on elevators, and read so many things that it ss hard to explain.

Braille Challenge 2018

Participants Olivia Rios, grade 3 Carl Sandburg School, and LT Spears, grade 8 Mattoon Middle School, traveled with their families to Illinois School for the Visually Impaired in Jacksonville, IL for the annual Braille Challenge. Olivia was in the Apprentice Division where she spelled 40 words, did proof-reading, and reading comprehension. She got second place. She received a goody bag with a rainbow colored stuffed animal and treats. LT was in the Junior Varsity Division where he listened to dictation and typed, read and analyzed charts and graphs, reading comprehension, and speed/accuracy. He got first in his division. He won a Victor Stream New Generation talking book player. Both students had a great attitude about the contest and were confident. They also enjoyed chatting with new friends and having pizza for lunch. During the testing, the families and accompanying teachers enjoyed networking and meeting new people. They made tactile Valentine’s day cards for their children. Also, families were able to learn about and try out new technology and adapted toys with one of EIASE’s vision teachers, Brittany Koresch.