EIASE is a comprehensive special education cooperative serving 28 school districts in eight counties with the mission of providing a variety of specialized services to students, teachers, parents, and the community.

Penny War!

Students at Fresh Start Treatment and Learning Center

Have a Penny War!

The students in Mrs. Cash’s Environmental Science Class took learning about the water cycle to the next level. They learned that villages in Africa did not have clean water to drink and decided to do something about it. They challenged the other classes in the school to a penny war. The class with the most pennies was the winner of a large tub of cheese puffs. The problem is, anyone could add pennies to increase the class total, or donate silver coins which would subtract that amount from the class totals of pennies. Mrs. Rubin’s class won the penny count, but the students in Mrs. Cash room raised almost $400 for The Water Project. Way to go!



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