EIASE is a comprehensive special education cooperative serving 28 school districts in eight counties with the mission of providing a variety of specialized services to students, teachers, parents, and the community.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing with SubPac

The students in the EIASE Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program experienced the feel of music for the first time last week. A new technology called SubPac was acquired through a grant from IAASE. These SubPacs provide a bass boost that allows a person to feel the vibrations and beat of the music through a pack worn on the back. These SubPacs were originally created for disc jockeys to allow them to experience music at high levels without damaging their hearing. Just recently the technology was found to be a successful avenue for the deaf to experience the feel of music. Many of the students in the attached video have never heard music before. They join the music classes at Williams Elementary in Mattoon and often feel left out as the rest of the class enjoys the experience of music. This technology will allow them to fully participate in music class. Enjoy the video as you see reactions to their first experience with music!


Video Link


DLM Updates from ISBE on 1/11/2016

Student Uploads

Students will be uploaded into DLM through the Pre-ID file found through SIS.   Manual entry of students will create duplicate students in the DLM system which will complicate testing.   The first upload of students will occur on January 14th, 2016.   

Roster students

Once the students appear in Educator Portal, it will be the district/building test coordinators role to roster students to the teacher who will be administering the assessment.   The guidance document provides a step by step method of how to roster students in Educator Portal.

Accommodations for Students

Students who need accommodations for DLM will have this completed by the teacher administering the assessment.   All accommodations will be found in Educator Portal.   The teacher will need to complete the First Contact Survey and the Personal Needs Profile.  The Personal Needs Profile is a survey that provides the accommodations for the students.   The DLM Pre-Id file found in SIS will not have a listing of accommodations because this is unique to the DLM system and is different to each student who will be assessed.

Students will be ready for the assessment once they are uploaded, roster to the teacher administering the assessment, the First Contact Survey and Personal Needs Profile is completed.

Required Test Administration Training

Teachers will need to complete the required test administration training in order to assess students.   Teachers who have not completed training will not be able to assess students for the DLM.   The required training can be found at the link below: 


The login username is the email address used to login to Educator Portal.  If you are logging on for the first time, the password is everything before the @ symbol of the username.  It will require you to change the password once you are logged in to the training site.



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