EIASE is a comprehensive special education cooperative serving 28 school districts in eight counties with the mission of providing a variety of specialized services to students, teachers, parents, and the community.

STAR Training at EIASE

By: Debbie Rotramel  9/4/2015

Today, September 2, 2015, the Autism team presented STAR training to area employees. These employees were involved in a full day interactive workshop. Attendees gained a great deal of knowledge on the STAR curriculum. The curriculum components were shared and practiced. It was an incredible day of learning better ways to reach students on the spectrum. 






This summer the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program was moved from the Charleston School District into the Mattoon School District. Staff spent the summer moving furniture, unpacking boxes, and getting settled into their new classrooms. After weeks of hard work, the classrooms were filled with bright posters, new materials, and smiling staff were present to greet the students on their first day of classes. The elementary class is located at Williams Elementary School. There are 2 teachers, 2 interpreters and 10 students from 6 different districts in this class.


The Mattoon Middle School is hosting our classroom at this level. This classroom has one teacher, one paraprofessional and three students that are all from the Mattoon district.


The Mattoon High School is hosting our last classroom. There is one teacher, one aide, two interpreters and 7 students from 4 districts.

The students were nervous about attending a new school, but those nerves were quickly gone as they were greeted with principals using sign language, staff welcoming them into their classrooms with open arms, and new friends showing them around the buildings. With the help of many amazing employees the transition to a new district was smooth. One of our high school students was asked if he liked his new school.  His response summed up everyone’s feelings as he said, “I love it here!”


Vision APH Contest Winner

Brittany Koresch and Emily Penrod, EIASE Teachers of the Visually Impaired, teamed up with a student last spring to create a game.  They videotaped the student, submitted the entry to a contest sponsored by the American Publishing House for the Blind.  Their team, named The Ninja Turtles was awarded second place!  The $75 award prize was presented to the student.

An article about the contest results was featured in APH’s monthly newsletter. You can access this newsletter by visiting the site at:www.aph.org. In addition, the Ninja Turtle video will have a special place in the Unforgettable APH Star contest page at: www.aph.org/contest, and will be used to promote future contests.
Congratulations Brittany and Emily for a wonderful example of collaboration!

2015-2016 Professional Development

The EIASE 2015-2016 Professional Development calendar is now available online. You can link to the calendar by clicking the image in this article or by clicking on the link under the Events tab. Some of the highlights of this year's offerings include the New Teacher Workshop on August 28, Special Education Forms and Procedures on September 22, and an Initial TCI training on September 14, 15, 28, & 29.

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