Programs & Services

Service has become the hallmark of EIASE. The early developers of EIASE realized that each of the local school districts in the area were too small to provide a comprehensive program for students with disabilities. They knew that they could profit from joining forces with other districts. However, they also realized the importance of maintaining "local control" within their communities. With this strong sense of "community" came the fact that each district had to be treated in a "fair and equitable manner." Every district, small or large, had to be treated the same and the instructional, diagnostic, and therapeutic services had to be delivered on a fair and equitable basis. They knew they had to develop a delivery system that was sensitive to the needs of our rural communities and values while still serving the special needs of all the children in the area. The model developed by EIASE meets those objectives.

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EIASE's Attendance ((Absenteeism & Truancy) Policy