The EIASE Rehabilitation team serves students who may need educational therapy support to benefit from their special education program. Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy staff work together to provide a combination of instruction and/or support services to students in the EIASE cooperative. With consent from the parent and physician, an assessment is performed and results are discussed in light of the student's IEP needs. In addition to direct therapy sessions, consultation is often performed with the district staff regarding specialized exercises which may benefit the student and any building or classroom modifications needed to accommodate a student's physical or motor challenges. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants provide support services once a student is identified as requiring special education. With the consent of the parent, an assessment is performed to address areas such as self-care, manipulation and control of educational materials, visual-motor coordination skills, or sensory-motor processing which interfere with the student's school performance. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants also provide students who require special education with support services. Students who may have difficulty in moving about the school building, achieving basic gross motor skills, or are in need of specialized mobility equipment or devices are often referred for physical therapy services. Adapted classroom furniture may be indicated for the student to participate in the educational program. 

 Stephanie Ogle, Associate Director

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