COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

EIASE administration will be providing up-to-date information for the public here.

If you are a staff member, there is additional information available to you on our Staff Portal.

Eastern Illinois Area Special Education uses Applitrack to collect employment Applications. You can view open jobs and start the process of applying for them by clicking here.

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Preschool Round Up 2020

Each year, several local school districts along with the Project HELP preschool program offer families the opportunity to discover who their children are growing in the areas of speech, language concepts, and motor skills through free developmental screenings. CLICK HERE for more information on locations, dates, and contact information.

Emergency Rules

Since November of 2019, ISBE has published several documents, including emergency rules, which have changed how Illinois schools should utilize time out and restraint procedures. EIASE has developed supplementary forms in order to help school personnel comply with ISBE’s emergency rules and the guidance of ISBE’s document titled Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions: Emergency Regulations for the Use of Time Out and Physical Restraint.

The instructions and forms can be found on our website at FORMS > EMERGENCY RULES