Itinerant Programs

EIASE provides several itinerant special education and related services to students in our member districts.  EIASE works closely with the district staff to provide individualized education to students through direct instruction, consultation with teams and providing essential resources.   All of the staff from the itinerant programs are assigned to specific districts.

2023-2024 District Assignments

Adapted PE

Adapted Physical Education (APE) serves students who are unable to participate in the standard PE program and require more specialized instruction than what is provided at the district level.   Students with identified physical impairments are often in need of significant adaptations and/or alternate programming to meet their needs. Adapted PE teacher/consultants have training in both physical education and special education and they meet with both the student and the district PE teacher to assist the teacher in designing/implementing an individual or group program to meet the student's needs as outlined through the IEP. The Adapted PE teacher also provides support instruction and consultation so the student can be successfully included in the district's PE program to the maximum extent possible.  

April Fox, Associate Director

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EIASE Audiology is a cooperative program among all school districts in Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Moultrie and Shelby counties. Any child in this area is eligible to have a hearing evaluation from birth through graduation from high school.


Diagnostic testing, monitoring of hearing, and specialized equipment are available from our licensed audiologist. Test results are shared with the parents, school and any medical provider or agency the parents would like to have notified. The goal is to provide the services needed to make the students academically successful during their school years.

Testing Hours

These services are provided at no charge to the families and our testing hours are 9:00-3:00, Monday thru Thursday and 9:00-2:00 on Friday. We are closed on school holidays, but are usually open on institute days. 

Penny Barnes, MA, CCC-A

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Autism Coaches

The Autism Team works to enhance the knowledge and skills of the school team to meet individual educational needs of students on the autism spectrum.  Their mission is to empower school teams by providing training and technical assistance, supported by researched-based practices, and to facilitate a collaborative approach to maximize development of community, social, and academic skills of a student with autism.  

Alex Poe, Associate Director

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant Program provides services to all students with an eligibility of deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing impairment within the 28 member districts. These students receive one on one services from a teacher certified to teach the deaf and hard of hearing. The teacher works with the students on listening skills, vocabulary development, self advocacy, and caring for any hearing equipment the student may use. The DHH itinerant works closely with the audiologist and district staff to ensure all of the hearing needs of the student are met. This collaboration ensures the student is in the best listening and learning environment possible.

Debbie Rotramel

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EIASE partners with the Illinois Department of Human Services (Division of Rehabilitation Services) to provide STEP (Secondary Transitional Experiences Program) that is offered through our Pre-Vocational Department.  We are currently serving students in the following districts: Altamont, Arcola, Charleston, Effingham, Neoga, Paris, and Teutopolis.

The Pre-Vocational Department’s goal is to help turn strengths into accomplishments through vocational education, community partnership, and job training opportunities to transition young adults into the competitive world of work.  The Pre-Vocational Department works diligently in preparing our young adults with competitive job skills and placements to be productive citizens in our surrounding communities. 

Lisa Bloemer, Associate Director

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The EIASE Rehabilitation team serves students who may need educational therapy support to benefit from their special education program. Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy staff work together to provide a combination of instruction and/or support services to students in the EIASE cooperative. With consent from the parent and physician, an assessment is performed and results are discussed in light of the student's IEP needs. In addition to direct therapy sessions, consultation is often performed with the district staff regarding specialized exercises which may benefit the student and any building or classroom modifications needed to accommodate a student's physical or motor challenges. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants provide support services once a student is identified as requiring special education. With the consent of the parent, an assessment is performed to address areas such as self-care, manipulation and control of educational materials, visual-motor coordination skills, or sensory-motor processing which interfere with the student's school performance. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants also provide students who require special education with support services. Students who may have difficulty in moving about the school building, achieving basic gross motor skills, or are in need of specialized mobility equipment or devices are often referred for physical therapy services. Adapted classroom furniture may be indicated for the student to participate in the educational program. 

 Kendra Rogers, Associate Director

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Visually Impaired

The program for students with Visual Impairments provides services for children based upon the itinerant and resource model. The teachers and orientation and mobility specialist are itinerant and students receive services within their regular school. Adaptations may be made both to regular and special curriculum through the use of Braille reading and writing, typing, low vision training etc. 

Orientation and mobility specialists teach travel techniques to children who require this training due to blindness or low residual vision. 

April Fox, Associate Director

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