LIFE Academy

Learning Independence and Fostering Excellence

The LIFE Academy serves children ages 3 through 21 in two separate locations. The Student LIFE Academy is located at 2405 Champaign Avenue in Mattoon and serves students ages Pre-K through age 18. The Adult LIFE Academy is located at 1617 Lake Land Blvd in Mattoon and serves students ages 18 through 21. 

Daily Activities 

The daily activities and curriculum of the students at the LIFE Academy focuses on the individual needs of each student.  The skills taught include academics, self-help, communication, recreation and leisure, socialization, gross and fine motor, and prevocational skills that are beneficial to students while in the community. Community-based training trips encourage independent and socially acceptable interpersonal skills for our students.  Special services such as a nurse, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hearing impaired services and vision services are provided according to each child’s individual education program (IEP).  Also, any special equipment needs noted in the IEP such as positioning equipment or augmentative communication aids are provided as well.  Close parent contact is maintained through conferences, phone calls, and daily notes.  Parents are also encouraged to visit the program and to carry out program goals at home.  

Student LIFE Academy

2405 Champaign Ave

Mattoon, IL   61938

Phone: 217.258.5286


Adult LIFE Academy

1617 Lake Land Blvd

Mattoon, IL   61938

Phone: 217.235.6200


Jennifer Weber

Student LIFE Principal

Student LIFE Fax: 844.979.3103

Adult LIFE Fax: 844.979.3106

Patricia Spence

Adult LIFE Principal