Professional Development  

EIASE offers professional development for special educators, general educators, parents, administrators, support personnel and more. Our in-services cover a variety special education and related topics including teaching strategies, procedures and compliance, behavioral management, autism, as well as forums for professionals to discuss legal updates and current issues.


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Professional Development Listing 2024-2025


Special Ed for Admin/LEA

This training is intended for administrators, and school personnel who often fill the role of the LEA at IEP meetings. Participants will gain knowledge in the responsibilities that are expected of the LEA, key aspects that should be included in IEP paperwork, and details that will aid in the evaluation of special education teachers and other related service personnel. 

Understanding CVI: Assessment, Strategies and Collaboration

Learners diagnosed with cerebral visual impairment (CVI) face different challenges than those diagnosed with an ocular visual impairment. Join me as I share updates on available assessments, how comprehensive assessment will lead to appropriate strategies, and why effective communication will ensure the learner receives collaborative support for success.

Special Education Law Updates

Administrators ONLY. This activity is intended for administrators, and school personnel who serve as the LEA for IEP meetings. Administrator Academy credit is offered. The topics include special education laws, court decisions, ISBE findings, and suggested policies. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their districts’ practices, and align them with current legislation. 

New Teacher Workshop

This in-service is intended for special educators who have recently entered the field of teaching, or veteran special educators who would like a refresher on the following topics: the role of the IEP team, reevaluations, fundamental aspects of an IEP, special education timelines, potential procedural errors, classroom management, and roster information. 

504 Forms and Procedures

This in-service is for any general educator or special educator who is interested in learning more about the 504 forms, procedures, referral and eligibility processes. 504 coordinators and building administrators are especially encouraged to attend. Each 504 form will be reviewed. Some of the most common 504 scenarios, accommodations, and legal situations will be addressed. Q&A as well as group discussion is encouraged.

Interventions for All

General Ed teachers, Special Ed teachers, Paraprofessionals, etc. will learn evidence based interventions to use for students within special education help with transitions, communication, social interactions, organization, sensory, and behavior.

IEP 100

Referral/Eligibility/Consent Forms:

This in-service is for any special educator who is interested in learning more about updates and legal requirements in relation to the special education referral, eligibility, and consent process. New special educators and district coordinators are especially encouraged to attend. Participants will learn where to access and when to use forms related to these processes. Explanation of each form will be provided as well as common mistakes to avoid. Q&A as well as group discussion is encouraged. 

Assessment/Accommodations/Transition/RLPs,Miscellaneous Forms:

This in-service is for any special education teacher who is interested in learning more about updates in regards to assessments and accommodations for the classroom and various state and district assessments.  Participants will learn about transition plans for students 14 ½ years and older, remote learning plans and other miscellaneous forms (ex. Home/Hospital, Need for Aide).

MTSS & Special Education Basics

This inservice is intended for educators, school support personnel, and administrators who would like to learn more about what a multi-tiered system of support should look like, as well as the basics of special education terminology, and what special education systems should look like in a general education school building.

School Psych Forum

This forum is for any school psychologist or school psychologist intern who currently works in one of EIASE’s member districts. The forum will have agenda items, but the meeting is intended to be discussion based. Agenda items will include any recent special education or legal updates, participants are encouraged to share agenda topics or bring discussion questions.

IEP 200

Writing PLAAFP and Goals, ESY, and Placement

Participants attending this in-service will gain a better understanding of how to collect academic and functional data, and write functional present levels that are individualized, data based, and lead to specific and measurable goals. Participants will also leave with tools and resources to help write SMART goals. Extended school year information, and minutes/services/placement will also be covered.

Coordinators Forum

This forum is for district special education coordinators to discuss updates in special education.  The forum will have an agenda but participants are encouraged to bring topics to discuss as well.

Effective Para/Autism Make & Take

Participants will learn responsibilities and strategies to be an effective para when working with students with autism spectrum disorder. Teachers and paras will also learn how to work together to be most productive in the educational setting.

Trauma Informed Practices & SEL Instruction

This in-service is intended for any school personnel who are interested in implementing trauma informed practices at the district, school, or classroom level. It includes a brief overview of how trauma impacts students, but focuses on trauma informed practices that lead to students’ academic success. Classroom strategies to teach social emotional learning is also discussed. Participants will leave with research-based tools to begin implementing trauma informed practices. 

Transition Q & A

Teachers working with transition aged students (14 ½ yrs. or older) will have the opportunity to explore and collaborate on various transition activities and planning strategies as it relates to transition.


This in-service is intended for any school personnel who collect data for functional behavioral assessments, or write behavior intervention plans. Participants will gain knowledge on FBA data collection (teacher interviews, student interviews, classroom observations, etc), and using the data collected to write meaningful behavior intervention plans.

Counselor/Social Worker Forum

This forum is for any school social worker, school counselor, or intern who currently works in one of EIASE’s alternative school buildings, or member districts. The forum will have agenda items, but the meeting is intended to be discussion based.

Early Childhood Forum

SLP Forum

The live online seminar will be in lecture format and will be based upon information presented in the previous webinar held last March titled, “ An Introduction to Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD)”. 

IEP Writing Consultation

Participants attending this workshop will be given time to write IEP’s at EIASE central office. EIASE Associate Directors will be in attendance to answer questions, or help with any technical assistance in the IEP writing process. 

Special Education Teacher Forum

This forum is intended for all special educators within EIASE’s member districts. The forum will have an agenda to discuss updates in special education, however teachers are encouraged to bring topics to discuss as well.

Star Training

Special Educators, Paraprofessionals, SLPs, etc. will learn how to implement the S TAR Program in order to teach students with Autism through instructional methods of discrete trial training, pivotal response training, and functional routines

Upcoming Events

Infinitec Online Professional Development

EIASE partners with Infinitec to provide our member districts with quality online professional development opportunities. The professional development topics encompass a broad range of educational practices. Any person who works for one of EIASE's member districts has access to the online platform. Please see the directions below to set up an account:

Inservice Resources

This is a link to a public Google Drive folder. It contains documents from some of EIASE PD events.