Entrance & Exit Criteria

Placement Criteria

Students who qualify for special education due to behavioral and emotional issues may be considered for TLC placement. This placement determination is made by the IEP Team. The significance of the behaviors must impede the student’s learning in the general education setting. Students considered for this program are from five through twenty-one years of age.

This program is based upon each student's individualized education program (IEP). A variety of approaches are utilized to provide the student with the opportunity to benefit from his or her education and be successful to achieve their goals. Approaches used include positive behavioral interventions and supports, a tri-level charting system with rewards for appropriate behavior, providing a structured and routine environment, individual and group counseling, social work services, implementing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention strategies and systems of support, and individualized academics. TLC's goal is to teach students functional behavioral skills which will assist the student to return to the general education class setting as soon as possible. This program would be appropriate for students requiring a highly structured setting with modifications in curricula as needed to support the following long-term educational/transitional goals:

Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success.

  1. Identify and manage one’s emotions and behaviors.

  2. Use social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.

  3. Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.

Additional factors for the team to consider:

  1. Behavioral/emotional/social characteristics are exhibited over an extended period of time and to a marked degree.

  2. Adverse effects on educational performance even after supportive assistance has been provided. The student’s needs exceed supports available in the home district.

Reintegration Process Criteria

These criteria, when met, will lead the TLC team to recommend to the IEP team reintegration in the home district or other less restrictive setting. While a parent has the right to request the IEP consider a change of placement at any time, these criteria are markers for success when reintegration is considered. As always, the final decision on placement and reintegration rests with the IEP team, including with meaningful parental participation.

Items to consider based on each individual student:

  1. We recommend a student to be on Level A for a minimum of 1 semester before discussing re-integration. This does not mean they cannot drop off of Level A at any point during that semester but they do need to consistently return to Level A as soon as is possible. This can be determined by reviewing TLC student progress reports.

  2. A student needs to develop and maintain both positive peer and and staff relationships. This criteria can be evaluated utilizing IEP goals.

  3. A student needs to maintain good attendance. Avoiding excessive absences and tardies, as determined by ISBE student attendance goals, are essential to school success.

  4. A student needs to maintain passing grades. This can be determined by reviewing academic progress on previous report cards.

  5. A student should not have any restrictive interventions in the semester prior to reintegration.

Once steps 1 through 5 above are considered, an IEP meeting should then be scheduled to discuss current IEP goals, academic progress, and available district behavioral supports. The IEP team may consider if a less restrictive placement is necessary.